At home with MSCR: @hustl._ HIIT workout with Em Merrin

Our HUSTL. girls never disappoint when they send these fab workouts for us to try - this one was so good we had to share! 

Try out Em's HUSTL. HIIT sesh that you can do from anywhere, no weights required. 

We can definitely feel the burn after this one! Don't say we didn't warn you 😉



4 rounds. 1 minute rest between rounds ⚡️

Round 1 - 30 on 30 off

Round 2 - 40 on 20 off

Round 3 - 50 on 20 off

Round 4 - 60 on no rest 🔥 


1. Command walkout jump squat.      2. Pop Lunge     3. Pike push up  

4. Bicycle leg hold      5. 180 pop squat      6. Elbow to knee toe tap 



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