Chocolate Protein Custard Recipe


Our girl Steph (@betterbeingsteph) does it again with this to-die-for chocolate protein custard recipe. We had a crack at it last week and can definitely say, it tastes as good as it looks 😍 

Go ahead and give this one a go - it's sure to sweeten up your lockdown!




250ml sweetened almond milk
40g powdered natural sweetener (e.g. Natvia, monkfruit)
15ml maple syrup (regular or sugar free)
15g corn starch (found in the baking aisle of Coles and Woolworths)
30g chocolate pea protein powder
Optional: 1 tsp cacao powder (for a richer taste) or 1tsp vanilla essence


1. To a saucepan over medium heat, add milk and syrup. Stir to combine.
2. Pour in the sweetener, corn starch and chocolate protein, and continue stirring, ensuring no lumps form.
3. Continue to stir the mixture while you bring it to a light boil - it will become thick.
4. Once the desired consistency/thickness is achieved, immediately transfer the mixture into a bowl, ramekin or Tupperware container.
5. Allow to cool before storing in the fridge to set. Serve as it is, or with granola/cereal, fruit etc. Enjoy!


123 cals | 13g protein | 13g carbs | 2g fat