5 Tips To Stay Energised


Catch yourself starting the day with a to-do list but never enough energy to get through it all? We feel you! 

Here’s some tips that will help you to stay energised and slay your day. 


1. Water is your new best friend

It turns out, just by participating in regular human activities, by that I mean sweating and going to the toilet. We’re losing fluids that we need to keep us energised throughout the day! We’re literally dehydrating ourselves on a daily basis (shocked and confused to learn this) so it’s important to make an effort to drink a few extra glasses of water a day!





2. Move your body

Whether it’s going for a walk, a workout  or even learning that new TikTok dance challenge, try and include more physical activity into your daily routine, as much as you can! Find a way to move your body - your mind will thank you for it 🙌





3. Grab a bite to eat

You know how your car just doesn’t drive the same when your fuel light has been on for a little too long? That's how our brain feels when we don’t give it enough food! If you’re feeling down and drowsy get snacking on some nuts, a banana or a yoghurt.





4. Let in some sun ☀️

Break up your day by catching some rays. Sit by a window, go for a midday walk, take your work outside with you for a little. Sun causes the body to produce serotonin which can help lift your mood and your energy levels.





5. Socialise 

Laugh, chat and laugh again - socialising is a great way to energise yourself! Positive people radiating positive energy is a must have. Make some time to be around the people you love and you’ll leave feeling perkier than ever 😊





Coffee is a tempting go-to and it’s definitely a quick fix but if you want to stay energised for longer, follow these tips and let us know how you go!