Real Muscle Is Heart Series

Meg Wedderburn

Episode 05 of our Real Muscle is Heart series is here! 

Introducing Meg Wedderburn, one of our most loyal customers, friend of the brand and boss mum! We are so excited to be able to share her story.

Meg Wedderbern - Training Series

Meg and her husband Ryan have three beautiful daughters, Kylah (centre), Pypah-Joy (left) and Indyana (right), who all love their sports. The girls were diagnosed with autism from a young age. Indyana has one of the rarest forms of epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, which has incredibly restricted her ability to live a normal functioning life.

Wedderbern Family - Training Series

Meg has shared with us how movement is an integral pillar in their family household as it brings them all together.

“Family is everything to me and when Indy is sick, the hospital becomes our second home. It really is the Physical Culture, the swimming and soccer that myself and the family most look forward to.” - Meg
Read Meg’s interview below. 

What does movement mean to you and your family? 

 Movement means being able to function in our home.

And freedom, that’s the best way to describe what having an able body means to me. We never take the simple things for granted because there’s been times where we haven’t been able to live a functional life.

 What does success mean to you? 

Success means being able to show up for everybody. Striving to achieve more doesn’t mean winning, it means putting your best foot forward every day. 

  What sports or activities are your daughters engaged in? 

Kylah, 14 – physical culture & ballet

Indyana, 11 – soccer, gymnastics, physical culture, swimming

Pypah-Joy,  7 – Physical culture in 2 associations, she was the national champion in 2022.  

What does a day in your life look like? 

Chaos, we are always on the go, whether it’s the school and sports juggle or that of therapies for the kids with their disabilities. I work for Supertee as you know, but I also care for other people with disabilities as well.

We have sports every Monday - Thursday in this house and from mid September to the beginning of December, there is a Physical Culture competition every weekend.

How does your family work as a team?  

Ryan is definitely the house husband and a good one. He cooks and does the washing and is a dad taxi for the girls. I do all the family admin of doctors, medical teams, appointments. 

I am crazy and Ryan is calm so somehow that equates to being a good team.

Wedderbern Family - Training Series- 2 

Tell us about your Physie journey and how this connects to your daughters now? 

I’ve done it since I was 5 years old. My cousins also did it and are phenomenal. I had a break having the girls. It’s just a sport that you do because you love it, but mostly connecting with people who genuinely become lifelong friends.

Kylah started when she was 7 because I went back and she didn’t have a choice, and now she is thriving in it and sits really well in a national competition. 

Indy was doing baby class when she was 8 but was sadly too unwell and had to undergo her second life saving brain surgery in 2020. She finally told me this year that she wants to do it, and my gosh I have never been so proud of  her, not a dry eye in the house from those especially her teachers and family that know her journey just to be here.

Pypah-Joy was the 5 year old National Champion for APDA physie last year – she learnt the syllabus in just 6 weeks and smashed it! So unexpected! She competes this Saturday for the national title in BJP as a 6yr old. She lives and breathes it.  

What MSCR gear do your daughters like to wear? (please include sizing too)

Indy loves the matching sets, this is because of her autism and not realizing things can be swapped around – she loves biker shorts with pockets! 

Kylah wears the gear to all her trainings and honestly almost every other day of the week too when she isn’t in a uniform. She loves the shorter shorts and crops and tees. She has puffers and crews as well.

Can you expand on Indy’s matching sets preference and how the fabric helps her sensory?

Indy loves the matching sets as visually for her it's pleasing, and it also takes away the thinking part of the decision on what to wear. She likes the way it feels as the seams don’t bother her unlike other clothing items. The luxe stuff is her fave, as well as the shorts with pockets!

Indy W - Training Series

What are you most grateful for?

Being able to wake up everyday and still have three children no matter how hard it gets. We sit in the 1% in the world with Indy. So honestly where we get to do things together as a family we know we are luckier than some and she is still extremely functional regardless of her labels.

What do you love about Muscle Republic?

The fact they have everyone covered, it's versatile, comfortable and relatable. You don’t have to be a certain way to fit their clothes.

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