Jennas Journey With MSCR

Meet Jenna

Hey guys, I'm Jenna Louise and I have been a part of the Muscle Republic family for a good seven years. It's pretty significant considering they're ten years old. So I feel pretty special to be a part of the family.


Tell us about your fitness Journey?

I don't ever really like to refer to my fitness journey as a fitness journey, It's just been my life. It's been my way of life for as long as I can remember. I've always been in the sports, athletics and the fitness realm and of course that's evolved over the years and led into my career and my career is my passion and I'm just so thankful for that in itself, is that I took the leap of faith and I followed my passion in the fitness realm to do what I wanted to do and I'm so grateful that I was able to align with Muscle Republic to help me on my mission to help inspire and motivate other people.

When did MOTW start? What does it mean to you?

Move of the Week originated from way back early, early on in my fitness journey. And even really before social media became a thing. I remember back in the day when it was, there was my space and Facebook was only new. So I was just organically and authentically sharing my training methods with my friends on social media. At that time, females in the weights training room was quite new for people to see. I actually had a really unique way of moving and I wanted to share that with people because people weren't used to seeing it. I also wanted to prove the point that there was no limit for us, especially as females and how we move. But I have to say, Move of the Week has been solid for the last five years, hosting a Move of the Week every single week. And then I partnered with Muscle Republic to bring that to the Muscle Republic community every fortnight. So we would throw out a Move of the Week, we would run that competition for you guys to win a voucher, announce it the next week, then the following week we would post a new one. So, that's how it goes. Just being so exciting to watch so many people get involved and to challenge themselves in ways that they thought they might not be able to achieve. And I think that is the biggest reward is seeing people achieve something that they didn't think was possible for themselves.

Why Muscle Republic?

Why not the Republic? Like, why not Muscle Republic? I am such a big fan of their humble beginnings and I've been able to watch the team grow significantly and go from strength to strength. And I'm so proud to be a part of this incredible brand because they have stuck it out. They have endured along the way and not only do they create great garments for me to train in because obviously I wear them every single training session. They also allow me the freedom to voice my opinions and share my input and they value my input too. So they're a really great team to work with. absolutely adore every single one of the team members within Muscle Republic and honestly do feel a part of the team.

What has been your favorite memory while being apart of the MSCR team?

I have so many favorite memories. You can't just give me one that's like asking me what my favorite exercise is. Obviously I'm gonna have to say the last 12 months building the Hybrid by JL collection which is about to launch. That has been so so exciting for me and that's something that I have been able to connect with the team and team members with a lot more and a lot closer and build some incredible bonds. So for me I'm gonna put that one at the top of the list but there are plenty, plenty more.

What is your favorite MSCR Product?

I'm gonna have to say it's the booty short. There's two types of booty shorts that I absolutely love. One of them being the original booty short from way back in the day, like seven, eight years ago. And then the second one being the Luxe Minis. I'm obsessed with the Luxe Minis. But I have the best news because Hybrid by JL have a revamped version of the original booty short about to launch. So I am so excited about that. And that has now become my favorite product of all time is the Hybrid by JL booty short.

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