Real Muscle Is Heart Series

Laura M'vemba Golden Peaches

Episode 06 of our Real Muscle is Heart series has arrived!

We had the privilege of speaking with Laura M’Vemba, an ambassador of the brand, an inspiration and member of the Golden Peaches run club. 


We are thrilled to be sharing her inspiring journey of strength and resilience with you all.

Originally from France, Laura has been running since childhood. She moved to Australia in October 2015 where she continued her passion for running by joining a community of like minded women. 

Shortly after moving to the Northern Beaches, Laura began running with girlfriends, which grew to be her family away from home, the Golden Peaches. 

The Golden Peaches is not just a run club - it is a sisterhood. Being there for one another and supporting each other in the highs and lows of life. Laura has been running with her run club for 4 years now, getting together every Friday to run all over the Northern Beaches area.  

“I love talking to people and hearing stories because with each story there's a lesson in it. Running with these girls has taught me so much about myself. Those times where you think you can't keep pushing but you just keep putting one foot ahead of the other. It's the same way I look at life. When things get tough, you just keep pushing and realise you always have that little bit extra in the tank to give.”

A friend of the brand, Laura has been a part of the MSCR community for the past 3 years. Running in Muscle Republic at the annual Sun Run event since 2021, Laura and the Golden Peaches encompass our brand values of ‘Community First’, ‘We Move As One’ and ”Never Stop Believing.” 

This year Laura and the Golden Peaches ran Sun Run for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, honouring Laura's Dad who is currently fighting a battle against brain cancer back home in France. The sisterhood came together to support Laura and her family by raising funds for the cause.


Read Laura’s interview below

Why did you make the move from France? 

I wanted to improve my English, travel and see the world!

Do you run with the same people every time?

I think we are 15 so far. Mostly we are all from everywhere. There are a lot of people from the UK, people from Sweden, we also have some people from Africa, Kenya or Malawi.

What do you appreciate the most from your run club? Is it the sense of community, being active?

At the beginning it was cultural and running was something in between, now it has become a family. I'm so grateful for what movement has given me. I'm a more positive, giving, loving person because of it. You truly get back what you put out into the world.

Why choose running as a platform vs something else when first coming to Sydney as a way to connect?

It was a massive risk, flying across the world to a country where I knew no one. I looked different, I had an accent, I didn't understand the culture. Running was the one place where I could drown out all my thoughts and just be present.

Do your colour choices in outfits reflect your personality?

I'm naturally a bubbly person, I love bright colours. I love running in my red set. It looks amazing on my skin!

What is the mark you want to leave on this world? 

I think I want to be reminded for being full of life, being really active and wanting to do so many things, wanting to meet so many people and being kind as well.

Did you do other forms of movement in France before running?

Yes, basketball for several years and I used to be really into Zumba for fitness. I even gave some classes at my school when I was about 22 years old.

Has your running journey created a positive impact in other aspects of her life? relationships, work etc 

I think running and training has helped me keep accountable with my objectives in every aspect of my life, like professional, but also personal. Every other aspect of my life, they fit well together.