Luxe Liberty Event

We invited our brand ambassadors, community and team to come together to celebrate female empowerment in line with our new collection, Luxe Liberty before the highly anticipated drop on Thursday 22 February.

The new collection was inspired by you! It was designed for the dreamers, the doers and the free spirit girls and is a celebration of freedom, self-expression, and empowerment.
Our goal this year as a brand is to continue to make memories with our community through fitness events where we come together to move as one.


We teamed up with ANTHEM cycle, who hosted a cycling session for the girls whilst showcasing the new Luxe Liberty collection.

The event started with our team introducing the new collection and speaking about what Luxe Liberty means to us and thanking the community for the amazing energy they always bring to these special events. 

Alex from ANTHEM cycle then took to the stage, hyping everyone up and inspiring them to push through a challenging workout. Rocking the new Luxe Liberty purple shades and styles, the ambassadors, community and team laughed and smiled as they rode to the beat. 

Following the ride, our community enjoyed making their own Oakberry Acai bowls and replenishing with OxyShred. We finished the day feeling empowered and inspired by our MSCR community. We are thrilled we were able to bring everyone together to move as one

 Thanks to our partners for helping bring this event to life. 

Anthem Cycle
Ultra Violette
Naked Harvest
Bondi Sands