Embracing our roots as a local brand in the Northern Beaches community, we were thrilled to once again be the exclusive apparel sponsor for the Sun Run on Sat February.
The MSCR team, joined by the spirited Golden Peaches and other friends of the brand, actively participated in the run. We set up a rejuvenating recovery and cool-down area with Unbound Mobility at the finish line for the runners, complemented by a pop-up store.

For the past few years, we have collaborated with the local running group, the Golden Peaches and provided them with gear for the run. This year the Golden Peaches are not only showcasing our gear, but also rallying behind a great cause. The Golden Peaches are on a mission to raise funds for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, a heartfelt endeavor honouring Laura's father currently fighting a battle against brain cancer in France.

Laura's story has touched our hearts and we're thrilled to announce that she will be the focal point of our upcoming episode in the Real Muscle is Heart series. Scheduled for release later this February, this episode promises to be an inspiring journey that goes beyond the tracks. Stay tuned for a closer look at Laura's resilience and strength. 

In celebrating community, compassion and the spirit of our runners, we're honoured to be a part of these meaningful events. Join us on our journey as we continue to weave stories that transcend sport, embodying the core values of the brand.