Sizing Guide

The sizing guides listed on this page are based on industry standards. Please note that with individual garments and particular Muscle Republic products, sizing may vary. Please treat this as a guide in order to help find your correct size.


Bust: Keep the tape around your back at the band level, measuring around to the fullest part of your bust. If in between inches, round up.

Waist - Start measuring from the narrowest part of your waist, found above your belly button, but below your rib cage.

Hips - Start with your hips together, measuring the fullest part of your hips. Make sure to include the buttocks area as well.

Women's Size Guide



Waist - Start measuring from the top of your hip bone, all the way around your body, level with your belly button.

Inside Leg
- Start measuring from the lowest part of the crotch area, down to the floor.

Chest Size
- Wrap the tape measure underneath your armpits, then around the fullest part of your chest.

Men's Sizing Chart

Should you have any questions or issues regarding sizing, please contact us.