Meet Motion, our brand new collection designed to support the way you move.
We’ve taken the style and comfort of Luxe, and combined it with a higher level of compression to provide support in all the right areas, while maintaining an all-day-wear feel.

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Whats the difference between Motion and Luxe? 

Motion is designed for movement and has a thicker, more compressive, supportive fit which is great for all activities!

Luxe is made of a much softer, less compressive fabric which is more suitable for light exercise such as yoga, Pilates or low-intensity weight training lifestyle wear.

What’s the difference between Motion and Training Range?

Motion has a soft, matte brushed dry peach finish and is 75% Nylon and 25% Spandex.

Training range is designed for high performance, the fabric is made from 73% Polyester and 27% Spandex and has a classic shiney sweat wicking finish. 

Which pair of Motion Shorts are the same length as the Luxe V2 Biker Shorts?

The Motion 6 inch shorts are the same length as our Luxe Bikers.

Which length is the most similar to the Live Shorts? 

The Motion 4 inch shorts are the closest length to our Live Shorts.

Are the Motion 24 inch Leggings the same as your other 7/8 length Leggings? 

The 24 inch Motion leggings were designed to sit at the perfect 7/8 length - the actual length in cm differs slightly to our usual 7/8 length, due to the fabric composition... but they are basically the same.

The 26 inch is equal to our full length leggings.

Are the Leggings and Shorts true to size? 

The Motion Leggings and Shorts fit a little snug so if you’re in between sizes, we recommend to size up!

If you usually shop our Luxe Collection, please size up.

If you usually shop our Training Range, we'd say stick to your usual size.

Are the Sports Bras true to size? 

Yes, the Motion Sports Bras run true to size!

As these sports bras are low- medium support and you require more support, we’d recommend sizing down.

Are the Sports Bra’s High support? 

The Motion Cross Back Bra is Medium Support.

The Motion Scoop Back Bra is low support.

If you do require more support, we’d recommend sizing down. 

Which colours are Sweat Proof? 

All Motion colours are sweat proof!

Please note that as each person sweats differently or is participating in different intensity workouts it is difficult for us to guarantee items are completely sweat proof.

Which Leggings and Shorts are High waisted? 

All Motion Leggings and Shorts are high waisted. 

Are the Leggings and Shorts Squat Proof?

Tried, Tested and Approved - YES!