All smile's heading into the new year!
You’ve spent the end of last year reflecting on the weeks and months that have passed. The good, the bad and the ugly have all been recounted and you want to start the new year in a fresh state, and the best way to do this is to set goals, resolutions and objectives to attack.

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Nothing inspires us more than our customers who make up the 'Republic'- a community of people who strive to be the best version of themselves and inspire others to do the same.
When you wear Muscle Republic, you are a part of this community, regardless of who you are, where you are from, what you have been through, your creed, your religion or how/where you train.
We want to inspire you by sharing the stories of those who inspire us.

TODAY'S STORY: Natasha is a 46 year old mother of three, and grandmother to five beautiful children. Her fitness story began when she became sick with pneumonia twice in the space of 7 weeks. Following this, she made some huge life changes and began her journey to create the best version of herself. Leaving behind a relationship that was mentally, physically and verbally abusive, Natasha's biggest hurdle was tackling mindset and taking control of anxiety and self-doubt. Natasha competed in her first fitness competition in October - this is her incredible story of strength, bravery & success.



MSCR: Tell us a bit about yourself Natasha!
NATASHA: My name is Natasha Holland I'm 46 and mother of 3 adult children (28, 26, 24). I also have 5 grandchildren (7,5,4,1 and 3 months old) and I am from the Western Suburbs of Sydney (think Penrith area). My hobbies are anything fitness related and I love to be outdoors. I'm a personal trainer and train kids and adults with life long disabilities, I also train clients once a week at a gym. 
MSCR: Where did your fitness journey begin?
NATASHA: My fitness journey started when I left my ex husband. I started at a gym back in 2003 but didn't really take it to seriously until I turned 40 and got pneumonia twice, 5 weeks apart. I ended up in hospital for a week each time.
That was a true turning point for me. I started changing my lifestyle habits, doing outdoor bootcamps, boxing and weight training. It was then, that weight training and body building became a passion.
Along the way of changing my lifestyle habits I went from drinking 5-6 drinks Monday-Thursday and more Friday-Sunday, to now not drinking at all. I also removed myself from as much stress as possible as stress was a large trigger for mental health issues.
MSCR: How did your mindset shift during that time?
NATASHA: Mindset was and is one of the hardest things to overcome, especially with anxiety and having discouraged by others in the past. My first husband was mentally, physically and verbally abusive for 14 years.
I can do nutrition and training with no hassles at all - but mindset can be testing as we are our own worst critic.
In saying that I have learned to put a positive spin on anything negative sent my way. This is partly how I got through my comp prep, but it was equally as important to have an awesome support network.
MSCR: What inspired you to compete?
NATASHA: For years I said that I would never do it, but I needed a goal after doing my first professional photoshoot. I lost focus with my training and nutrition and realised for me to continue, I would need a goal to work towards. So with the help of my coach, Tamara, I realised I could really do whatever I put my mind to and I was strong enough to compete
So with my goals set I did my first WBFF comp in Oct 2018. I had the most amazing experience and I will be doing two shows next year.
MSCR: How do you feel about exercise since competing? What do you do to keep fit?
NATASHA: I still love to train 6 days a week since competing and I also will do an outdoor walk most days to clear my mind and re-group. Weights will always be my favourite form of exercise as it makes me feel strong and I love seeing what my mind and body can achieve. 
MSCR: What goals have you set for the new year?
NATASHA: Goals for next year..... WOW so many haha. First goal is to ensure my health is on point so a can achieve the rest of my goals. I have Lupus, IBS, Raynauds disease, and very low iron (only just diagnosed) so the focus is to ensure they are all under control without medication ( I haven't taken any prescription medication for Lupus, IBS or Raynauds in over 10 years, except for iron levels of course that I need help with).
My other goals are to compete in two WBFF shows next year August and October.
I want to inspire as many people and also improve my self-worth.
I want to focus on building my career in the fitness industry and helping others. I'd like to work at some fitness expos, more photoshoots and be an ambassador for a company/business that I believe in them as much as they believe in me and work as a team.
I could go on hahaha... Aim big right!
MSCR: How do you reward yourself for hitting goals or staying consistent with training?
NATASHA: Never with food, I will usually buy myself gym clothes or sneakers or something to do with beauty or I will just take a selfie to show my goals I have hit.
MSCR: What do you love most about Muscle Republic?
NATASHA: I love what Muscle Republic stands for (real muscle is heart) and that the clothing always looks amazing in all the right areas 😉 It feels amazing and there is a variety of items for both men and women. 
MSCR: What is your favourite MSCR item that you own?
NATASHA: Oh gee this is hard, um at the moment I would say my Isla sports bras and my inspire 7/8 Charlie CEO white leggings. I'm sure this will change with my next purchase though haha!
MSCR: What advice do you have for anyone struggling to commit to their health/fitness?
NATASHA: My advice if you feel you are struggling to commit, think about why you are doing it. I commit to health and fitness for ME first, then the rest of my family, then everyone else after that.
If you don't look after your own health, you are not able to be helpful or supportive to anyone else. Especially if you have kids, grandkids or even your parents (or a friend, or just someone that has reached out to you).
You can make all the excuses in the world, however there is always time for health and fitness. You make time. 
If you would like to follow Natasha's fitness journey, you can find her on instagram!
IG: @natrat007
We would love to feature YOU on our MSCR Blog.
Please email to share your story :)

How your Lifestyle can effect your Mental Health

How your Lifestyle can effect your Mental Health

How a Healthy Lifestyle Can Seriously Benefit Your Mental Health.

There’s been an opinion held by many for so long that the only way to improve your mental health is to take Prescription Medication and see a Counsellor, and, if this doesn’t work, there’s nothing else that can be done.  

This prognosis has left many disillusioned and floundering when these two treatments have failed to restore their mental health and they don’t know where to turn for help. This is pretty alarming as the prevalence of Mental Health issues around the world is steadily on the rise.

However, in recent years, there’s been incredible breakthroughs in the treatment of Mental Health and in this article that I’d like to share with you what I’ve learnt from leading health practitioners in my own mental health journey. 

I’m going to give you some tips that WON’T CURE but will HELP YOU FIGHT ITI’m going to explain how having a healthy lifestyle can have a massive and positive impact on your mental health, and I’m going to give you 2 STEPS that can help you strive towards mental happiness. 

Before I begin, I thought I’d tell you a little bit about my own story.  

As a 15-year-old, I was King Hit by 3 people and as a result, I developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and as a young boy, I didn't understand what this really meant and so, as most teenage boys do, I just tried to ignore it and get on with my life. 

At 18 years old is when it really hit me.  I was playing Rugby and in an unfortunate tackle, my neck was broken.  I was a representative of the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles and I was told I would never play again. 

Completely devastating. 

This developed into severe anxiety, depression and a loss of my purpose.  My mental health spiralled downhill fast.

Now let me tell you how I started to kick my mental health’s ass. I saw a Psychologist and got medicated, but, the real change occurred when I was strongly led by my coach to INVEST in nutrition and weight training to change me, not only physically, but mentally.  

I was sceptical at first.  

I questioned myself, “I have a mental health issue - how is weight training and nutrition coaching going to help me?”  (I’m sure you are asking yourself the exact same thing).

Well, let me just say that they led me to the bright side of life!

How did this happen?

Firstly, EXERCISE releases Endorphins in our body that gives us the happy feeling, making us feel motivated and ready to kick goals.  This means every time you exercise, you’re going to get a release of HAPPY FEELINGS! This is one big piece to the puzzle to changing your mental health in so many positive ways.

My coach told me to trust the process, to take it by day by day.

I started to focus on training 5 days a week in the gym with a program for my goal. 

For me, fighting my mental health all started with a goal - a goal to get a strong as possible because my coach educated me that a strong body will give you a strong mind.

I started smashing the weights, pulling 100kg off the ground, squatting over 100kgs for reps and it was ME TIME for an hour.  It was the most EMPOWERING FEELING EVER knowing I’m going to use weight training goals to get over humps that life throws at me.

My whole confidence started to grow; I was still fighting everyday but it made it easier.

I started to take care of myself - how I dressed, how I spoke to people, my relationships were better. 

Everything started to change.

If I can give you ONE piece of advice, it would be to sign up to a gym and start lifting some weights. YouTube how to do so if you are stuck, ask people at the gym questions or get a trainer because you will soon find out how achievable anything is when you have a strong body!


What does your exercise routine for a normal week look like? 

Could you improve?


Secondly, FOOD is your fuel! 

You need to see yourself as a Ferrari.

And as a Ferrari, you need to power yourself with the best possible fuel to give the best possible performanceAnything else will jeopardise how you operate.

There’s no way you’d put Diesel or a low-grade fuel in a Ferrari.  You’d use 98 Unleaded.

What you put in your body, will determine how it operates.  If you put rubbish in it, you’ll feel rubbish.  If you put good, whole foods into your body, you’ll start feeling awesome.

Are you getting me now?

You use EXERCISE to build a bigger engine and increase the Endorphins (the happy guys) flowing through your body, and, you use FOOD to power that big engine.  The longer you keep going, the more momentum you’ll achieve, and the better and happier you’ll feel.

Do you see how all of this comes together in creating a stronger mind?

What food and drinks are you using to power your body each day?

Enliven Coaching Gym @enlivencoaching
Photo from Enliven Coaching Gym (@enlivencoaching)

One last but very important piece of the puzzle to improving your metal health is to
find someone you trust and respect who’ll keep you accountable to do this, 
To get an exercise program designed for you and to do it. To get an nutrition guideline and then stick to it too.  

Accountability is the difference between success and failure.  

My wise “Old Man” keeps telling me,

“What doesn’t get inspected, doesn’t get respected Jarrod”!

I finally found my outlet to creating a bigger and more sustainable mental health and lifestyle for myself through EXERCISE and FOOD.  

If I can give you some expert advice, coming from someone who has been through hell and back several times, please don’t hesitate to book a call with myself or send me an email with any questions. 

I’m here to help you achieve a strong body and mind.

Take care, 



You can follow Jarrod here:



Father's Day Style Guide

Father's Day Style Guide

Get your dad an outfit to go with the socks you bought him last year, and the year before, and the year before that...

WHY DAD WILL LOVE THEM: Dads love reliability and ease. He'll be able to slip into these at any time - whether he's pottering round the house, heading to the gym, chasing after grandkids or heading down to the pub for a few (too many).

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The Muscle Republic Sydney Tee has been crafted from concept to provide the best fitting, most comfortable t-shirt possible. Made from 95% Cotton & 5% Spandex for a gentle stretch, features include; rounded crew neckline measured to perfection, contoured fit all through the body for slimline shape and adjusted length to cover the waistline when in motion.


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REAL MUSCLE IS HEART // Episode 001 - Kerry Foley

REAL MUSCLE IS HEART // Episode 001 - Kerry Foley

Social Media connects us with some of the most inspirational people from all over globe - but at the same time, it is essentially a gallery of highlight reels. It shows the glitz and glamour of what happens AFTER you get where you want to be.

The 'Real Muscle is Heart' Episodes delve deeper into the histories of these inspirational people. Who they were before, and the struggles they faced to get where they are today.

Come behind the scenes with us. See that every champion is simply a real human who let the fire in their soul push them through each challenge and guide them to victory. Behind the “Muscle” there is always heart.

Make sure you Like and Subscribe to follow the series - we have a new episode coming each month.

Show the world Real Muscle Is Heart,




Kerry Foley is a professional boxer who is currently training for a Commonwealth Title, WBA Oceana and a OPBF Title. After dealing with setbacks in the form of medical complications - Kerry is now hungrier than ever to show that world that he is a champion, and that real muscle is heart.