We believe fitness is a journey that kindles the fire of the soul, ignites the passion of the heart and charges every muscle to the core. Heart to us means: perseverance, the act of always moving forward, setting goals, transforming into a better version of ourselves, and inspiring others to follow suit.

We believe that fitness is a challenge that stands as a chance to redeem yourself, by testing your limits and pushing you to rise-up and surpass the insurmountable.

We believe it’s about the personal best, the milestone, the breaking point, the unified effort and the result - that real muscle is real heart, bringing out the positivity in ourselves and in the world around us.

Vic with MSCR Athlete Micky Parker

Brand Philosophy

Every fibre of our belief – its energy, unity and tenacity – is stitched into the design of our fitness apparel. Each piece we craft is created to envelop our supporters in the values and ethos of our brand.

From simple beginnings of cutting the sleeves off old t-shirts, the brand aims to bring the highest quality fitness lifestyle and performance apparel and become the best it can be through always coming from the heart. We aim to inspire our supporters on their fitness journey to determine their own destiny, be their own hero, to look good on the outside by feeling their best within. 

Our purpose is to instil value into the individual and shine the light inside of them for once we feel value in ourselves, the only way to continue growing is by giving back to others and continue to grow on a never ending pursuit of progression. 

Our vision is to bring people together through a mutual love of fitness to overcome any challenges and be the hero of your own story. Nothing is over until you stop moving so we aim to lift one another through the challenges life throws at us, support each other with love and positivity and inspire future generations to do the same bringing the world together through the positive benefits fitness brings into our lives personally and as a whole Muscle (HEART ) Republic (FAMILY)

We are MUSCLE REPUBLIC – where our heart, soul and drive to be the best is worn permanently on our sleeve and indelibly stitched into every thread of our fitness wear.

We believe good will always prevail so be the best version of yourself, share your passion and be the good you wish to see in the world.