Bundle Packs

Bundle Packs


Add any three of one type of product (ie. 3 x Flow Singlets) to your cart to apply the bundle price automatically at checkout. You can choose any combination of colour and size! You cannot combine different styles (ie. you can't get a bundle of 2 Flow Singlets, and 1 Muscle Tee).

Bundle Packs only apply to certain products.

Flow Singlet Bundle: 3 Flow Singlets for $90 (Single Price $39.95)

Creed Long Sleeve Bundle: 2 x Creed Long Sleeves for $60 (Single Price $44.95)

Muscle Tee Bundle: 2 x Muscle Tees for $50, 3 x Muscle Tees for $60 (Single Price $34.95)

Sydney Tee Bundle:  2 x Sydney Tees for $50, 3 Sydney Tees for $60 (Single Price $34.95)