What the hell is Kombucha anyway?

Ok so – I hear what you’re saying…

“WTF. Errybody is drinking this weird tea that ferments in the dark made from growing organisms and it’s apparently meant to improve gut health, meant to be better than taking a probiotic and it’s more expensive than my fave wine at $12 a bottle, I think its weird… but I want some.”

Well you’re in luck. By the end of this blog not only will you be down with Kombucha and all its glory, but you’ll also have the recipe to make it on your own at home, saving those sweet dollars of yours. This pic above is my delicious Turkish Delight flavoured buchi that I made at home for the fraction of the price of what you pay from health food stores, AND it tastes good!

So Kombucha is a fermented black / green tea based drink with loads of health benefits in it. It’s made from a SCOBI (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria & Yeast) or what I like to call, The Mamma Mushy (It honestly looks like an organ part floating in a big jar, but its not).

So what are the health benefits?
– Helps balance the body
– Detoxifies your body naturally with its punch of antioxidants, flushing out those toxins
– Helps with bloating and discomfort after eating (if you’re not sensitive to yeast)
– Fills you up on friendly bacterias found in probiotics
– Gives you bursts of energy when hitting that 3pm dip (or any dip for that matter)
– Promotes healthy gut flora & restores gut health
– Helps nutrients in your gut to be easily absorbed into easy digestible form
– Fights candida over growth
– Stabilizes mood and helps with mental clarity
– Helps your gut absorb important minerals easier such as iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium and copper.
– Contains loads of vitamin C (hello immune system boost) & vitamin B (hello blood pressure control)
– Helps prevent arthritis for our golden oldies (also helps to eliminate grey hairs)
– Decreases sugar cravings (also hits the spot when you are having a sugar craving)

These are just some to name a few! Have I convinced you yet? Oh did I also mention its naturally carbonated so it’s AWESOME as a fizzy drink supplement?! I had everybody fooled at a sunday sesh not long ago… winning!

When I pulled out my big 3L jar of homemade kombucha out from the dark corner of my pantry this week, I had a few people in the kitchen that I probably scared. Not going to lie… I got some weird looks. But once they tried it, they loved it!

Click on the Picture below for the recipe on how to make your own at home. I have to thank my mumma for this recipe… she’s been making buchi since before I was born, and she’s very lovingly handed these foolproof instructions down to me – and now to you! So thankyou mumma Peach.

(Did you know Its actually been around for thousands of years?).

If you’ve never tried it, I suggest you go to a health food store and trial it out first. Then make your own! Enjoy peeps…

Wishing you all the health and happiness,

Chani x

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