Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Her

Ready to be boyfriend/partner/husband/best friend of the year?

It has literally never been easier to get it OH-SO right this Valentine's Day!

What we know about 'her'?

✔️ She loves training, running, yoga, walking with friends
✔️ You guys are dressed in activewear more than you wear "actual" clothes
✔️ She is forever liking photos on social media of cute matching sets
✔️ You get tagged in pictures of activewear and/or NMD's (and dogs) all day
✔️ She requested that you don't get her chocolate for V-Day
✔️ She looks amazing in gym tights 😍

Our V-Day Offer

Make your $$ go further as we throw in a FREE $30 Gift Voucher with any purchase of Full Priced Leggings and a Top (Flow Singlet, Sports Bra, Muscle Tank) + we will gift wrap all that for you!

Let's face it though...

The girls seem to nail the styling every time. So we have taken out the guesswork! All you need to do is choose the leggings you think she'll like best, and use the below images to choose a top you'd like to add to complete the look.

What Else?

If you are still unsure read on:

✔️ We offer free exchanges
✔️ You can message us on instagram or facebook for extra help
✔️ We have AFTERPAY


Activewear Styling Guide

Activewear Style Guide

Activewear Style Guide

Activewear Style Guide

Activewear Style Guide


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