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Lachie’s Tips for Summer Abs //

Lachie Brycki

I’m sure that during your time in the fitness industry you have all heard the saying ‘abs are made in the kitchen’, and this is the honest truth. Your favourite fitness models and body builders do not have abs because they do 5,000 crunches a day and wear waist trainers to work, but rather because they consume food in a way that puts them in a calorie deficit over an extended period of time, which allows them to slowly lose the fat that sits over their abdominal muscles.

This is the long lost secret to abs. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you will have to slowly eat less and less food over time in order to have those abs on show for summer. In saying this, abs are still a muscle group like any other that need to be trained and developed if you want them to ‘pop’.

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I isolate my abs 2-3 times a week at the end of my resistance training, but don’t have a set session just for abs. I tend to find that squatting and deadlifting 3-4 times a week in conjunction with some isolation work is the best way to build a strong core. These exercises incorporate our core more than we might think and are essential in having that dream set of abs. In summary I suggest that if you would like a killer set of abs, that you must be patient and willing to do the following.

Take control of your calorie consumption and know what and how much you are eating each day. Perform compound movements as regularly as possible and add extra ‘ab work’ when you can. Be patient, it takes time, but everyone has the capability to show what is hiding underneath.

– Lachie Brycki

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