“Redemption: The act of rising up to become a better version than before”

At Muscle Republic redemption is at our very core. It is the foundation of our ethos and a primary reason for our brand. Why? Because we believe that fitness is about embracing the challenge to become the best version of yourself.

It is what inspires us and spurs us forwards, and here’s how it relates…

The very creation of Muscle Republic stemmed from personal redemption – from a relationship with fitness, and how it can change a life. Since my teens I’d been passionate about going to the gym, but found myself lost in my 20s between climbing the corporate ladder and yearning to spread my business wings.

Taking the leap to follow a dream of competing in body building, I began a road to freedom that I soon learned inspired action and respect in others. And from here Muscle Republic was born. I was now true to myself – redemption, back from the dead.

Like anything worthwhile fitness is a challenge, testing us to the limit and pushing an individual to rise up and surpass the seemingly insurmountable. It’s about having eyes focussed on the road ahead, not the rear-view mirror, and building upon today.

Fitness gives us a reason to move, a goal to strive for and achieve, and a way to overcome doubt.

It makes us believe in ourselves and gives us a purpose.

We find out who we truly are when we have to overcome challenges. You can either complain and be ungrateful or lead and stand up when it counts.


Importantly, fitness is about gratitude and the redemption of being thankful for who you are at this moment, with what you have.

If redemption is rising up from rock bottom – of using that as the foundation that holds you up to become the best version of yourself, then that’s worth recognition. We should take the moment to pause, look around, see how far we’ve come and be grateful for what brought us here.

It’s about being grateful for every day, with a focus on never being complacent.

Yesterday was history, tomorrow may never come, all we have is today. The true redemption comes in making this day count.

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