Sydney Fitness Show 101


SYDNEY FITNESS SHOW 101: Everything you need to know about the Fitness Show, the Muscle Republic Booth, special offers and who will be there!


You guys will hear us talking a LOT about the 'Muscle Republic Family'. This comes back to our goals and our why as a brand. We want to be more than just a brand, but a community of people, brought together by fitness, who encourage and support one another.


People who feel good on the inside radiate happiness and leave a positive impact on the world. At Muscle Republic we are all about heart, and being the good you wish to see in the world. So how can you transfer positive energies without physically meeting everyone (though we love meeting you guys)?

We know that when you feel good on the outside, it is easier to feel good on the inside. This is why we create amazing quality activewear, not only to help you look great, but to encourage and inspire you to get moving.

Each member of the Republic knows the physical and mental benefits of fitness, and how fitness has helped them on the way to creating the best version of themselves. It may start with wanting to transforming and strengthening your body, but in the end, you transform and strengthen your heart - which is the REAL (and most important) muscle.



WHAT IS IS: The Sydney Fitness Show is the largest event for fitness, health and wellness in the Southern Hemisphere. It runs from Friday 20th April till Sunday 22nd April and plays host to some of the most renowned faces in the Fitness Industry!



WHERE YOU CAN FIND US: We'll be at Booth F13 - you won't be able to miss us.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: Our Booth is all about the Republic and bringing people together. We are excited to meet our online community, and for you to meet the people behind the brand, and the people you see on our socials!

SHOP: We've been talking about this for a while, but it is finally landing in time for the Expo. We will have a select few items from the NEW RANGE available for purchase over the weekend, as well as the old favourites you love. The New Range will not be available online until after the expo so make sure you get your tickets!

1. We will have discounted expo prices on the day.
2. Wear Muscle Republic to the expo and receive an extra discount!
3. We will have offers and giveaways over the weekend, these will be posted on our socials each day so stay tuned.



Vic Gigliotti, MSCR Founder.

WHY MSCR: Muscle Republic is Vic's heart and soul. He has poured, not only his time into building the brand, but his heart into every fibre of every garment that has ever been produced. Vic is the definition of someone who had a dream, went for it, and despite all the challenges, keeps the dream alive.

Jess Nugent, MSCR Brand Manager.

WHY MSCR: Jess and Vic have been friends for over 5 years, connected by the fitness industry and the mutual belief that fitness brings out the best in ourselves and those around us. Jess has always loved the brand, not just because it is the best activewear, but because the values align so closely with her own.


Micky Parker, Fitness Model & Health Coach.

WHY MSCR: I love what the brand stands for and wearing their apparel motivates me to push my limits and empowers me to help others reach their full potential also!

Martin Silva, WBFF Pro Fitness Model & Personal Trainer.

WHY MSCR: It has taken me a while to find a fitness clothing brand who offer great value to their customers and are truly passionate about promoting health and fitness. The quality of the clothing is second to none.

Tamara Meyer, Fitness Model & Online Coach.

WHY MSCR: The thing that I love most about Muscle Republic is that it is FAMILY. They have such a strong value on family and loyalty, I know this because they have always been supportive with my journey in the fitness industry. Having someone who not only looks after you, but actually gives a damn about you - That is REAL HEART.

Peter Day, Reigning F45 Play Off Champion.

WHY MSCR: I genuinely love everything Muscle republic stands stands for. Having worked closely with them, I can see the sincerity for how they operate and the care they put in ensuring the brand represents a high quality - all the way from the product to the service and the integrity of the company. Being a part of something bigger and a culture that inspires positivity through fitness is exactly what it's all about.

Cindy Arevalo, WBFF Fitness Model & Fit Mum

WHY MSCR: Muscle Republic is not just a brand, it’s a movement! Muscle Republic allows me to feel part of something bigger than just an activewear label, I feel part of a family, a community and part of a platform that is truly inspiring and motivating to a wide demographic. BONUS is the clothing is always on point, flattering and comfortable, I would wear it every day if I could!

Basam Altakrity, Body Transformation Coach.

WHY MSCR: I love Muscle Republic due to the fact it's a great friendly environment with a great established tearful of eager and driven athletes as well as management. Not to mention the great quality and awesome clothing cuts.

Dylan Rivier, Online Coach & Fitness Model.

Kerry Foley, Professional Boxer.


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