Robbie Frame ( gives us some insight into cheat meals during cutting or getting lean.

?Can you eat doughnuts whilst cutting and get lean?

?️The advent of Flexible Dieting in recent years has started a conflict between ‘Clean-Eaters’ and ‘IIFYMERs’ that would rival the intergalactic warfare between the Jedi ? and the Sith ? I have to admit that whenever a debate rages online between these two sects I grab the microwave popcorn? from my pantry and sit back to watch the action unfold.

?A common misconception about the notion of Flexible Dieting is that it promotes the idea that you can achieve your dream physique by eating a calorie-controlled diet where the vast-majority of the calories are derived from processed junk food. I think this idea is misguided. Hence why I’m not necessarily a fan of the term ‘IIFYM’. I am of the firm belief that your diet should be highly nutritious but also sustainable ??

?Restrictive diet protocols which demonize certain foods only lead to people developing an unhealthy relationship with food. There’s nothing healthy about 6 weeks of dietary compliance followed by a week-long binge when it all becomes too much! I believe it is important to educate yourself and break through the ambiguity associated with certain diets by objectively analysing your food based on its macro-nutritional and micro-nutritional profile.
In the end the best diet protocol is the one which suits the individual but promotes accountability, flexibility and long-term sustainability.

? Go nuts for Doughnuts!??
☝?️Just make sure you exercise appropriate portion control and factor in your micro-nutritional and macro-nutritional requirements for the rest of your diet.

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