Republic Response: Why do you Train?

We asked the people (you guys) why they train. The result? We agreed, we reflected and we immediately felt the urge to hit the gym. There were so many great responses on the post, and they all had one thing in common – we train for ourselves, we train for control, we train for strength and we train for TODAY.
Here are just a couple of the great responses we received, they are guaranteed to get you feeling inspired.

The gym is like a religion

The gym is like a religion for Kevin


Training for your family

Tiama Trains for herself and her family.


Training for anti-aging

Stephen Trains for his youth.


Training is therapy

Jessie Trains to stay grounded


I train so I can eat more

Emma Trains for a balanced diet…


Training to eat more

So does Raul!


Training for mental strength

Elizabeth Trains for strength inside and out


Body Goals

Ash trains for that dream bod!

Thanks for sending your responses through. We love getting to know our republic better so we can keep creating the gear to help you reach your goals – whatever they are! Tell us why YOU #TrainForToday in the comments below!

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