We believe fitness is a journey that kindles the fire of the soul, ignites the passion of the heart and charges every muscle to the core. The Republic is a community of people who strive to be the best version of themselves and inspire others to do the same.

When you wear Muscle Republic, you are a part of this community, regardless of who you are, where you are from, what you have been through, your creed, your religion or how/where you train.

We want to inspire you by sharing the stories of those who inspire us.

You may recognise super fit Tamara from our social channels - Read on to hear about journey and how fitness changed her life



Tamara is an online coach, PT and Fitness Model

MSCR: Introduce yourself to the Republic Tamara!

My name is Tam! I am a Fitness Online Coach and Fitness model. I was born in Germany but have a Brazilian mum, so I am half German/Brazilian. I Moved to Australia when I was 4 years old.

MSCR: What is your fitness story?

TAM: My story goes way back to my childhood days. I came from a very broken family. We struggled a lot financially and always moved houses. I witnessed a lot of traumatic stuff growing up which lead to my addiction to partying at the age of 12 to early 20s.
I wanted to also be a dancer and actor growing up- but I was doing all the wrong things to lose weight, eg. taking duromine and other things. I was trying to teach the message to others out there to be "inspiring" when really I was also drowning in my own lies. After I graduated from my two dance colleges, I found fitness and it saved my life. I got off all medications from heavy sleeping pills to depression and anxiety tablets. I changed my whole life around and now all I want to do is help others and inspire everyone in the world.

Tamara's Before and After Transformation (3 years difference)

MSCR: How has fitness changed your life?

The biggest change I felt was internal. You can pretend to be fine on the outside and look fine, but on the inside is where the real truth lies. By taking medication and other things, I wasn't fixing the issue, I was only covering it up.
So when I was completely off everything, I was a happy, fun, confident person. I also learnt to LOVE myself, which took years to do. To actually look in the mirror and be happy with the person you see, is a rare yet beautiful thing.

MSCR: How do you stay on track?

My business plays a huge part on how I look as well as being a great fitness leader - so that in itself motivates me. So I always make sure I am on track by eating clean consistently, training 6 days a week which includes: Weights, Metcon Classes and Crossfit.
I am a BIG believer of the 80/20 rule where you still have a life. You want to show everyone that you live by example yet you are still human and want to have a healthy, BALANCED life.

Tamara competed in 2017

MSCR: Why is Muscle Republic your go-to brand?

 I have seen the business transform from when they first started and they keep getting better and better. The brand is great quality, they are always up-to-date with what is in fashion. Best of all, the fabrics look and feel great, I live in them everyday!

MSCR: What does 'Real Muscle Is Heart' mean to you?

The thing that I love most about Muscle Republic is that it is FAMILY. They have such a strong value on family and loyalty, I know this because they have always been supportive with my journey in the fitness industry. They have watched me grow as a coach and as a business woman. Also, they have not just been a great sponsor, but also have been here for me as a friend which to me, means more than anything in the world.
Having someone who not only looks after you, but actually gives a damn about you - That is REAL HEART.

Tamara wears Cali Sports Bra in Charlie CEO Black & Lexi Leggings in Charcoal

MSCR: What are your goals for the future?


My goal is to have my Online business established WORLDWIDE- especially by the end of 2018. I want to be on Survivor. I want to be a fitness celebrity and a fitness TV presenter - this has always been my dream since day 1.


Guys, if you want to follow Tamara's story to see how she balances running her business, social life and fitness daily or to ask her any questions - give her a follow on her social channels.
Instagram: @tamarameyerfitness
Snapchat: tamarameyer1


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