We believe fitness is a journey that kindles the fire of the soul, ignites the passion of the heart and charges every muscle to the core. The Republic is a community of people who strive to be the best version of themselves and inspire others to do the same.

When you wear Muscle Republic, you are a part of this community, regardless of who you are, where you are from, what you have been through, your creed, your religion or how/where you train.

We want to inspire you by sharing the stories of those who inspire us.

You may recognise the beautiful Micky from our social channels - Read on to hear about her fitness journey, and how she stays in shape all year 



Micky is a PT, Nutrition Coach & Fitness Model

MSCR: Introduce yourself to the Republic Micky!

Hey my name is Micky Parker! I am a Personal Trainer, CHFI (Clean Health Fitness Institute) Performance Nutrition Coach and Fitness Model living in Sydney, Australia!

MSCR: What is your fitness story?

MICKY: I have always been into fitness from a young age enjoying all things athletics playing a range of sports such as touch football, netball and tae kwon do. I have never been 'overweight' or necessarily 'unfit' as I was active from a young age. But growing up I began to struggle with self image, I became obsessed with the fitness craze but focused mostly on the aesthetics. I was skinny, weak and not fuelling my body with the right foods for energy. I struggled to find a healthy balance between fitness, food, my lifestyle and relationships. I went to the extreme of being so strict and restrictive, eventually I would ‘binge’ and always ended up feeling confused and out of control.

My health took a dive as I developed gut issues. I used to think that cardio and cutting calories was the answer to reaching a lean, toned physique. Boy was I wrong. I felt limited to the things I should be doing/eating and even felt guilty if I ate something deemed ‘bad’ or not ‘clean’. Not only did I feel weak physically, but mentally TOO. One day I got fed up with feeling stuck in this cycle, and decided to get educated on exercise and nutrition and have never looked back!

MSCR: How has fitness changed your life?

Health and Fitness has completely changed my life! I have learnt how to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle whilst reaching my goals and staying lean, strong AND healthy year round.

Not only did I change my body composition but my approach to fitness, my goals, even my attitude and outlook on life has done a complete 180. I feel energised, empowered, healthy and strong. Most importantly learnt to love myself and feel comfortable in my own skin, not only how it looks but appreciate the things my body is capable of doing! Health and Fitness has given me so much more than just my outer shell.

MSCR: How do you stay on track?

This is a question I get asked so often and it comes down to making health and fitness a part of your everyday lifestyle and routine. I found a style of training that I love, which makes it enjoyable to do every day rather than feeling like a chore.

Once I reach a personal best or increase my strength, the accomplishment and empowering feeling gives me the drive to keep on going - it is more than aesthetics! I always get my clients to create strength or fitness goals that are not associated with how they look, as I feel like this a great way to stay on track and the aesthetics will follow! 

Micky wears Nina Leggings (Navy) & Isla Sports Bra (Navy)

MSCR: Why is Muscle Republic your go-to brand?

 Muscle Republic is more than just your everyday active wear brand. They are a family who make it their mission to inspire others to be the very best version of themselves! I love the supportive and motivating community that they have created and am so proud to be part of it! Not to mention their fitness apparel is second to none in quality, comfort and style!

I love what the brand stands for and wearing their apparel motivates me to push my limits and empowers me to help others reach their full potential also! 

MSCR: What does 'Real Muscle Is Heart' mean to you?

Health and Fitness is about SO much more than just your outer shell and appearance! Real Muscle is Heart resonates with me as it encompasses the values to inspiring not only yourself but those around you! To me this means taking your passion, whether it be in fitness or another aspect of your life and sharing that HEART to inspire and encourage others to be the best they can!

Micky wears Live Shorts (Charcoal) & Cali Sports Bra (Charlie CEO Print - White )

MSCR: What are your goals?

My current goals are to continue learning and educating myself on nutrition and training - I believe knowledge mixed with passion is power! 2018 for me is a year to grow my business, increase my strength while focusing on my health. 
I will be holding Fitness Retreats in Bali so this year for me is a time to share my passion with others!

My main goal this year is to get uncomfortable and what I mean by this is to constantly take opportunities to push me outside of my comfort zone - I feel like this is where the best things in life happen and is where growth will occur! 


Guys, if you want to follow Micky's story to see how she balances running her business, social life and fitness daily or to ask her any questions - give her a follow on instagram: @mickyyparker


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