REAL MUSCLE IS HEART // Episode 001 - Kerry Foley

Social Media connects us with some of the most inspirational people from all over globe - but at the same time, it is essentially a gallery of highlight reels. It shows the glitz and glamour of what happens AFTER you get where you want to be.

The 'Real Muscle is Heart' Episodes delve deeper into the histories of these inspirational people. Who they were before, and the struggles they faced to get where they are today.

Come behind the scenes with us. See that every champion is simply a real human who let the fire in their soul push them through each challenge and guide them to victory. Behind the “Muscle” there is always heart.

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Show the world Real Muscle Is Heart,




Kerry Foley is a professional boxer who is currently training for a Commonwealth Title, WBA Oceana and a OPBF Title. After dealing with setbacks in the form of medical complications - Kerry is now hungrier than ever to show that world that he is a champion, and that real muscle is heart.

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