LACHIE BRYCKI // How to balance work, study, training and social life.

We sat down with ambassador Lachie Brycki ( and had a chat to him about training, tips on nutrition and how to keep that balance between working towards fitness goals, training, study, work, family and friends.

What got you into training and reaching your current level of fitness?

What got me into training is that I was genuinely just sick and tired of being the ‘skinny, little guy’ that was always picked on at home and at school. My old nickname was ‘string bean’, which stuck, and I hated it. At the age of 16 I took it upon myself to do something about it. I began training with a friend of mine each day after school before we studied, in his basement. I personally enjoy routine and discipline which made adjusting to this lifestyle very easy. I am motivated by the idea of constant progression in any facet of my life, and training allowed me to have that feeling every single day. I have reached my current level of fitness due to the fact that I really love what I do. Training and being precise with what I put into my body is no chore for me. I think that I also have an addictive personality, and knowing this, I chose to direct that trait towards something that would benefit my health, happiness and overall wellbeing.

Tips on shopping, meal prep, meals for specific training days etc.

My tips for shopping and meal prep would be to keep it as simple as possible. Find the foods that you love and stick to them. Find out what works with your body composition and goals, and stick to eating them. If you like to cook and spend time preparing, do exactly that. If you are a little lazier with your preparation, find pre weighed or packaged foods that are easy to calculate their macronutrients. I personally follow a flexible dieting approach to my nutrition, meaning that I have a set number of carbohydrates, proteins and fats that I can eat in a day. I create different meals containing whatever I like, as long as at the end of the day, I have satisfied those three numbers. I often find myself quite busy during the week, which means I am unable to spend hours in the kitchen. My meals are often super quick and easy to prepare, and this works for me.

My macronutrient break down over the week is –

Monday – 400C/200/P/80F (Training and One Basketball Match)

Tuesday – 400C/200P/80F (Training)

Wednesday – 500C/200P/100F (Training and Two Basketball Matches)

Thursday – 400C/200P/80F (Training)

Friday – 300C/200P/80F (Rest Day)

Saturday – 400C/200P/80F (Training)

Sunday – 400C/200P/80F (Training)

Are you studying at the moment? If so what and what are your tips on how to balance study life, work life, personal/social life and gym life?

I am currently in my 4th year at The University of Sydney, studying a Bachelor of Human Movement and Health Education. Between university classes, training, basketball, work, study, friends and family there is often not a lot of time left in the week just to relax, but this is the way I like to live. I like constantly being challenged and busy, as it keeps me on my toes and that way, life is never boring.

My tips for balancing different areas of your life would be to plan ahead and don’t waste time. You know what you have to fit into each day, so make sure that you provide adequate time for each area. I often find myself eating meals in class at university, so that I can drive straight from class to training. If I have breaks at university, I attempt to get some of my workload done to free up time to see friends, train or play basketball. Life is all about prioritizing what we want most. I often sacrifice sleep to get work done, or spend extra time with my friends, but that is just a decision I make to ensure I get the best of both worlds. I say keep busy while you are young. There is plenty of time to relax later on in life. As for my social life, I have a few very close friends who I dedicate a lot of my time to, and I also run the door of one of the biggest clubs in Sydney. This keeps me busy and out of trouble on the weekends and I get to meet and network with hundreds of people every weekend. I don’t go out much… but I am out every weekend… if that makes sense. Life is about balance. Make time for the things you enjoy, plan, prepare and don’t waste time.

Your favourite part of the day / week
Training and basketball are by far the best parts of my week. Training is my favourite because 50% of the time I will be with my best mate Lewis, which is always a laugh and he pushes me to be better and better than I thought possible. Training in general, because I love leaving everything else behind and putting my body through 90 minutes of torture that I know will help me grow mentally and physically.

Basketball is also the best part of my week as I play for three different teams, which means I get to catch up with three different friendship circles. Being in the gym and doing your own thing is all well and good, but nothing beats the sense of belonging and camaraderie of team sport. I love getting together with a bunch of talented athletes and using our physical bodies and tactical minds to best another team of athletes trying to do the same to us.

Which gym do you train at and why?
I trained at Willoughby Platinum Fitness First for around 4 years whilst I also worked there. However, now that I have stopped working there through my final year at university, I find myself training most days at Fitness First St Leonard’s. I love training at this gym because it is not only an incredible facility but also home to some amazing athletes, friends and idols of mine. Walking into a gym and training with and alongside athletes like Nick Cheadle is motivating to say the least. He is a testament to the industry and I like knowing his success and career started in the same gym that I am now attempting to build mine out of.

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