Juju’s 3 Tips on how to live a happier life.

My simple philosophy on how to live a happier life.

This might seem basic however this is how I’ve helped myself live a happy life and the last few months and I’ve never turned back. I like to live my life like we did in high school when we had to write out 800 word essays and our Dell Laptops used to crash. What was our go to? Simple. Three buttons. Three words.

‘Control, Alt, Delete’

I watch a lot of videos about motivation and inspiration, not so much in the gym but how to live a happy life. I am an avid fan of Tony Robbins as he preaches a lot on self worth and the importance of progression in life.

For me, my definition of a happy life is progression with everything you do, to love everyday, rather than waiting around for the weekend and surrounding yourself with like minded people who lift you up.

Team Muscle Republic: Vic, Arna, Charlie, Jess and Julius

Surrounding yourself with like minded people who lift you up!

Now back to the three keys, CTRL ALT DELETE. Subtly these three buttons create an analogy where we can:

Control what we do, alter what we do and Delete anything that is not helping us progress.

  1. Control
    We are in control of everything we can do in our lives. Our bodies are a reflection of what we eat, how we train and how we live – no one else is in control of our body and it is entirely up to us to control that.
  1. Alter
    Altering things in your life can tie in with control, change is always good and can be bad too but we always have to remember that good things don’t grow in comfort zones. Think about what makes you sad or what is stressing you out and think backwards on how you can alter that and become a better person.
  2. Delete
    This one is simple; delete all the negative, all the people and all the bullshit in your life that is stopping you from being the best version of yourself.

Always remember progress is always better than perfection.

Follow my simple formula!

Control, Alt and Delete = Progression
Progression = Happiness

I also must admit this was hard for me to write as I’m not a confident writer! So I am putting myself out of my comfort zone and I’m hoping to become a better writer through the act of doing! I hope you guys enjoyed it

Your biggest fan,

Happy Juju

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