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Find Your FIT

Vic Gigliotti

Posted on August 07 2017

Bianca Legging Features

Why we love Bianca Leggings…

Finding your FIT

So you’ve found (what could be) your perfect pair of tights online, but feeling anxious about whether they are right for you. We know what goes through the minds of women looking for tights..

“Well they look great on her…” or “She’s probably like 6 foot tall at least or even “I own different sizes in different brands, how do I know these will fit?”

Listen to us. It does not need to be a STRUGGLE!

We are making it EASY

We do include size charts on our website, conveniently located on the product pages of each item, we also include the model’s sizing and measurements to help you put it into perspective. If you are unsure of what the numbers actually MEAN, get your measuring tape ready and read on!

BUST: Measure the bust line at the fullest part of your chest. Pull the tape as tight as you can without indenting your skin. Keep your posture as relaxed and natural as possible, doing this in the mirror will also help you!

WAIST: Wrap the measuring tape around your torso, at the smallest part of your waist. This is generally an inch above your belly button.

HIPS: Wrap the tape around the absolute widest/fullest area of your lower body. This is generally LOWER than people think and does include your backside!

Measurement Guide

Guide for taking your measurements

So why do Muscle Republic leggings fit SO well?

 High Waist provides support for your back and flattens the tummy
 Premium quality fabric feels great on the skin
 4 Way Stretch means the fabric stretches in more than one direction so the garment moves with you.
 Guaranteed not to be see-through – this means you can feel confident regardless of exercise or stretch!

We are always happy to answer any enquiries you may have regarding the fit of our products! Email for extra help.

<3 Team MSCR

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