CHANI PEACH // Competition Prep & Nutrition Tips

We sat down with Chani Peach ( and had a chat to her on all things nutrition, tips on competing and insights into the world of body comps.

What motivated you to compete?

At this time in my life, I had just gone through a pretty nasty break up from an emotionally abusive relationship where I really didn’t really have much self worth. It was hard to leave – Its pretty amazing how that actually happens to us… how our brains allow us to stay in something for so long that is totally not adding any life value to us. I guess it was something i had to experience in this lifetime to learn a valid lesson. So I’m very grateful for that experience now. In addition to this I had just moved to a city for a new job where I didn’t know a single soul. So, I had to get out of my comfort zone, make new friends, and start putting myself first – making me incredibly motivated to join a gym, make new friends and put my health as a priority. Funnily enough I stumbled across a super fun gym that focused on natural bodybuilding. I still have life long friends from that gym and il forever be thankful for the life they introduced me to.

What was the best and worst experiences while you where competing?

The best experience: Travelling internationally to compete for Australia in the Natural Olympia as an amateur and winning a world title my first season.
The worst experience: Having to pee in a cup in front of a lady at the Hollywood INBA World Cup to get tested. Umm whoa that was heavy.

What advice can you give first timers who will be competing in WBFF?

I loved WBFF, it was such a totally different concept to your usual federation. I highly recommend standing out from the rest, don’t just get up there and do the same old thing…WBFF is where you get to go a little wild. Have a bikini that stands out, if you have to bedazzle the sh**t out of it, you want all eyes on you so make it different. Also your shoes, you’re allowed to spruce them up so bedazzle them to. Also you can’t forget that WBFF stands for BEAUTY AND FASION – which means exactly that…be a mix of beyonce in lemonade and gigi hadid on the viccy secret runway up there, flick your hair, twirl around, get your inner bad ass barbie out because the judges will LAP IT UP. This is not some ordinary comp, this is where the 10/10’s come out. Most of all, have fun with it – and get a photoshoot done the day after while you’re looking incredible.

How did the Peach come along?
Please don’t laugh, but when I was in primary school I was so obsessed with the band 112, I still am, yes I went through a gangsta phase (I think we all did.. right?). I used to play their hit peaches & cream on repeat like it was popping out of fashion and The Peach came from that!

What are your strongest values when it comes to nutrition and “dieting” What 3 tips can you give followers on maintaining a happier and healthier lifestyle

If you follow me on social media you’ll see I have retired from the comp game (for now). My daily practice and business revolves around holistic living. This is a strong value of mine.
For me now its not about counting calories anymore and calculating engery in vs. energy out (I did it for 2 years straight, I’m done with that for the moment). Although it works, and il do it again if i ever compete again, it wasn’t a realistic way to live. You can’t count calories for the rest of your life – its not right, and I believe its a bad relationship to have with food.

Now my 3 tips would be to :
1 – Eat intuitively, instead of following a strict diet plan, listen to the messages your body sends you and eat accordingly (i.e. – cravings, rashes, colds and flu’s, energy dips etc).
2 – Exercise daily but only do what you love. If you hate lifting weights, then don’t do it. You need to do what you enjoy because at the end of the day you should not be exercising ’to look a certain way aesthetically’, you should be exercising because its good for your mind, body and soul.
3 – Weight loss, muscle build and health won’t come to you in a magic pill, a fat burner, a metabolism booster or a super expensive cream that claims to do wonders. It comes by flushing your body with essential micronutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are going to allow your body and its precious organs to work optimally. Stop concentrating on ‘supplements’ and focus more on ‘micronutrient intake’ – Im more than happy to share with anyone how you can bridge the gap between what you are eating at a micronutrient level, and what you should be ingesting.

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