Summer is just around the corner! Soon enough the extra layers we have worn all winter will progressively drop off bit by bit as the weather gets warmer.

It’s a yearly cycle which sees hordes of part-time gym-goers come out of hibernation and infiltrate gyms across the country in a desperate bid to shed unwanted weight. Though their intentions are good and their motivation is high the vast majority will fall short in their bid to be ‘beach-body’ ready because they lack a clear sense of direction and accountability to make their dream physique a reality. Stifled by vague, ambiguous and unrealistic goals or statements people very quickly give up when their progress does not match up with their expectations.

One of the core fundamental reasons why this happens is because they fail to set SMART goals.

Before you begin your health-kick this summer be sure to objectively analyse and assess your goals using this framework as a guide:

Specific: Your goals should be clear, specific and easy to understand. Generic goals such as “I want to be fitter” and “I want to get healthy” are wishy-washy. Be specific about what you want. For example; “I want to lose weight.”

Measurable: In order for you to be able to effectively evaluate your progress over the short-term and long it is imperative that your goals are measurable. Quantifying your goals provides clarity. For example; “I want to lose 6kg.”

Attainable: Too often highly motivated resolutioners eager to rectify months of inactivity have romanticized notions of what can be achieved in certain time frames. I think it’s great to be aspirational but don’t set yourself up for failure. Be realistic. When looking to lose weight you need to provide yourself with ample amount of time to lose weight sustainably. How often have you heard of people who have gone on highly restrictive diet protocols which saw them lose a large amount of weight in a short period of time only to pile the weight back on once the diet became too much and they were compelled to binge. Make a lasting change through sustainable weight loss. A general rule of thumb that can provide you with a realistic and sustainable goal is to endeavour to lose 0.5kg per week.

Relevant: Ensure that the goals which you set yourself are relevant to what you want. What drives you internally? What motivates you? Your training program and goals should be in alignment. Ensure that your goals are in line with your values and don’t set a goal that someone else is pressuring you to attain.

Time-Sensitive: Ensure you have an end-point. Accountability is key if you are to realise your goal. A deadline holds you accountable for you results. For example; “I will lose 6kg in 12 weeks.”
Don’t be wishy washy or vague when establishing your fitness and physique goals this summer. Be decisive and clear. Ensure that your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-sensitive and you will be on track to realising your goals!

– Robbie Frame

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