5 Minutes with Fit Mummy Laura Sheehan!

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Meet Perth Mummy Laura Sheehan (The Whole Mummy), she has two kids a 4yr old and 2year old, is a blogger, early childhood teacher, wife to ex-Wallaby Brett Sheehan and mad beach lover! We sat down with Laura today to ask the big questions about motherhood and fitness! Check out how it went down

1. What are your favourite workouts?
My favourite workout is light weights and resistance training, my body has always gained better results with this style of training over cardio, if I need a bit of extra push I include a high intensity workout, quick and effective! If I have the time and support you’ll find me at an F45 session, but, most of the time I’m at home with my kids so I make training fun! Include them in your workouts, you’ll be amazed at how involved they want to be kids are willing to try anything and it helps to build a healthy attitude about exercise! If I cant get a workout in I hit the pavement with my fully loaded stroller of a combined 30+ kg of child!

2. How often do you train?
I train 2-3 times a week at either the gym or a structured at home workout, and the days I’m not training I get out with the kids in the stroller.

3. What are your plans on Mothers Day?
Mothers Day I’m just looking forward to quality time with my family, this is the first year my four year old, my little fella has understood the day and he’s probably more excited than me, lots of handmade surprises!

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4. What do you normally eat for Brekky?
Breakfast to me is my most important meal of the day purely because with two kids my midday is often crazy chaotic so i like to have big healthy boost to keep my fuel going! If I have time I love to make poached eggs, smashed avocado and seared greens on homemade flatbread but if time is not an option a big bowl of porridge with chia seeds, crushed walnuts and blue berries!

5. How do you find the time to balance being healthy and being a mother?
I’m not here to say its easy because its not but making small changes can have a profound effect on your entire lifestyle. Start your day healthy and it will set you up for the rest of the day. The key, I feel, is to remove the quick/unhealthy snack option, dont have it in your house and you wont reach for it! Fill your fridge with fresh fruit and veg and try making small changes, bake and make your own snacks, cut refined sugar from your diet and replace it with natural sugars like coconut, cacao, honey and maple syrup, the shift in your outlook not just for you but the kids too is amazing! Just as you do with exercise make food fun, enjoy cooking and baking with your kids and show them that healthy is all about balance!

6. What is your favourite Muscle Republic piece?
I love them all! but the leggings are my favourite for sure ! I’ve never had a pair of leggings fit and feel better, they move with your shape and fit like a second skin!

7. Any tips for training post-pregnancy?
Listen to your body and start small, when you’re feeling physically ready start simply with a gentle stroller walk, great for both mum and bub to wash the cobwebs away! From there increase your workouts catered to you, Pilates, light weight and resistance training help to increase strength and support sore/recovering bodies. Don’t place too many expectations on yourself, every women’s body is different and will behave differently after pregnancy, use exercise as a mental check rather than physical, its something you’re doing for you to make you happy, the rest will all fall into place!

Laura Sheehan
Instagram: @thewholemummy
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