Luxe By Chani - Support The Girls

When you make a purchase from the Luxe By Chani collection, you will be directly supporting Support the Girls 🤍 10% of all Luxe By Chani sales will be donated to this organisation.

We can't even begin to describe what it means to us, to be able to support such a meaningful organisation through the Luxe By Chani collection. 

When we were in the first stages of planning, Chani proposed to us that she wanted to give back with her collection - that she wanted to use this collab as a way to spread positivity and to make a real impact. 

As an advocate for self-love and empowering women, Chani explained that this collection had to be meaningful and she “was adamant the messaging had to be about loving your body & feeling comfortable in the skin you’ve been gifted. To empower women all around the world to embrace their bodies & love the incredible vessel they’re in, cellulite, rolls, stretch marks, body shape, colour, size & ALL.”Coupled with this message, she also proposed that we donate 10% of Luxe By Chani sales to an organisation that uplifts and supports women and girls - something we couldn’t have been more on board with. 

Once we discovered Support the Girls, everything began falling right into place. We are so, incredibly inspired by this organisation’s mission and are so pleased at how well aligned they are with the essence of the Luxe by Chani collection.  

Here’s a little backstory about Support the Girls and what they do:

 “Our aim is to contribute to the foundation of a new social order for disenfranchised and isolated women, and the communities in which they live in. We are creating a platform that changes the hearts of its women, by burning away the prejudices of homelessness, enabling women to rediscover their merits, reinstate their creative capacity, exalt their dignity, enable their motives and transform their relationships between themselves and their respective community.

We aim to provide a grassroots framework of action to empower women to escape the cycle of poverty, violence, trauma or multiple structural oppressions. Transformation of the individual and transformation of the community unfold simultaneously. Spaces are created for women from all walks of life to foster relationships with other women in the community regardless of income, creed, age, or cultural background.

The women we support have experienced, or are experiencing, domestic violence, financial hardship, homelessness, loss of a spouse or family member and various other circumstances beyond their control. Support the Girls Australia want to cater for all facets of being disadvantaged. We aim to delve into the root causes of each individual’s hardship, and then equip them with the resources and knowledge required to overcome it.

We do this by:

    • Reaching out to vulnerable and disadvantaged women and girls within our community

    • Providing support services to meet the basic needs of vulnerable women and girls who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, disadvantaged and marginalised through poverty

    • Providing bras and personal hygiene items to women and girls

    • Providing personal support and advocacy for vulnerable women and girls

    • Enhancing personal development, relationship skills and other life skills for those who access our service through the provision of personal and group support in a variety of responses and activities

    • To identify need in our communities and work to address that for the target groups identified

The media often portray a drug and alcohol fuelled image of disenfranchised women and we know, from first hand experience, that this image could not be further from the truth. Our mission is to tackle this stigma by unveiling each woman’s full potential. (” 

We just want to take a moment to thank Support the Girls for allowing us to use our platform to make a meaningful impact and to spread such positivity. 

As a company, the majority of our Muscle Republic employees are women - this mission is one that we are SO proud to support and it is one that inspires and empowers us to be a part of. 

We can’t wait to see all of you [our Republic community] in your Luxe By Chani; by buying and wearing a piece from this collection you are directly supporting the mission of this incredible organisation 🤍