We are a brand for the people.

We believe fitness is a journey that kindles the fire of the soul, ignites the passion of the heart and charges every muscle to the core.

We believe fitness is a challenge that redeems us, tests us to the limit, and pushes an individual to rise up and surpass the insurmountable.

We believe it’s about the personal best, the milestone, the breaking point, the united effort, and the result – that real muscle is real heart that brings out the positive in ourselves and the best in the world around us.

Brand Philosophy.

Every fibre of our belief – its energy, unity and tenacity – is stitched into the design of our fitness apparel. Each piece we craft is created to envelop our supporters in the values and ethos of our brand.

At our heart is our home of Sydney and our own journey to become the brand of choice for those looking to determine their own destiny, to look good on the outside by feeling their best within.

From simple beginnings cutting the sleeves off old t-shirts, our journey continues to be one of heart, in the knowledge our supporters feel our beliefs, our soul and our support in their own fitness voyage.

We are strength, tested to be tried and true, with all our apparel trialled by real people, seeking real fitness in the real world.

We are MUSCLE REPUBLIC – a brand for the people, where our heart, soul and drive to be the best is worn permanently on our sleeve and indelibly stitched into every thread of our fitness wear.

The #MuscleRepublic Family.